Wolfgang _AI_(madeus) Mozart

AI generating a pop-song in the style of Celine Dion

Yeah, AI is now imitating the style of musicians, not creepy at all…


XKCD Alt(ernate reality) Title Tag 2020 edition

title="As the 'exotic animals in homemade aprons hosting baking shows' YouTube craze reached its peak in March 2020, Andrew Cuomo announced he was replacing the Statue of Liberty with a bronze pangolin in a chef's hat.”

XKCD is an awesome webcomic with a lot of great additional home material strewn in the HTML around the title and alt parameters of the im(a)g(e) tag of the comic. However the reality described above would be so much more fun than what we ended up with for real…

via XKCD

Zoom AF

Zooming into a ballpoint pen tip like there’s no zooming-tomorrow.


Mall Grab – Boiler Room Set from Isolation #2

Even though it was recorded during the day, perfect set for some computer work in the dark.


Jet Pilot – All The Jet Planes!

Amazing shots, this was not special effects, they just did it.

To be honest, I have had the pleasure of watching this cold war classic. But they sure have some immersive footage in there. I guess a John Wayne credit makes you so American, they give you all the footage.


Pigs in Space

While I have heard the Pigs in Space / Schweine im Weltall thing so many times, I do not recall ever seeing it in recent times. So, when it showed up in my feed, I did have a look.

Very disturbing. …Doctor Strangepork, really?


1.8 Billion Pixel Mars Panorama

YouTube video of Jet Propulsion Laboratory

You can have a look at the pano at the NASA site.


Kraftwerk in Canada

Watching an awesome Kraftwerk live performance on youtube? Don’t mind if I do!


Cable Binder Art

Montreal based artist Elisabeth Picard makes visually stunning lighting art pieces with colored cable binders. The below somehow reminds me of the (movie/)show Stargate’s effeect for the Stargate opening.

Ondulation (2014) Elisabeth Picard, © Elisabeth Picard

Rainbow Mountains is also especially amazing, but you should really check them all out.



A history of the Flowbee

A wonderfully weird TV advertising thing from the nightly television advertising loop.

A Hair-Raising History of the Flowbeementalfloss

(…)The Vacucut took hair anywhere from a half-inch to six inches in length and, thanks to the suction of the vacuum, pulled it straight in the same way a stylist holds hair between their fingers.(…)

Somehow this device really did make it into “pop culture”.