Cable Binder Art

Montreal based artist Elisabeth Picard makes visually stunning lighting art pieces with colored cable binders. The below somehow reminds me of the (movie/)show Stargate’s effeect for the Stargate opening. Rainbow Mountains is also especially amazing, but you should really check them all out. via

Le Mont Saint Michel – Drone View

Beautiful drone video of a quaint little island off the Normandy coast. When I read up a bit about the island, I was surprised to learn that the original site was apparently “founded by an Irish hermit, who gathered a following from the local community.” (wikipedia, also citation needed) via kraftfuttermischwerk

28 Miles of Frida Kahlo

Apparently it is now a thing to run in the shape of things, so people in trackign apps/on sites like strava can see the image: Like “Strava Artist” Lenny Maughan does here.